What is Second Generation Computer? - Explained

What is Second Generation Computer? - Explained

IBM 1620 Second Generation Computer.

Second generation computers were succeeded after the first generation computers and invented to perform faster than the first generation computers.

Second generation computers were in the period of 1959 to 1965.


The technology used in the second generation computers got changed from the vacuum tubes. With the born of transistors, second generation computers adopted the transistor technology to perform the logical processing of a task which was one and zero.

Transistors were just right component for the logic building because the transistor consist of three terminals. One terminal take in the current and the other terminal is acting as a gate and the third terminal drains the current. And that's how the one and zero works with transistors.

Magnetic cores were used in the second generation computers and the magnetic disks were used in the second generation computers as the secondary storage devices.

Due to the usage of transistors, the size of a computer got much smaller and the energy usage by the computer got much lesser compared with the first generation vacuum tube based computers. Due to the compact size of the transistors, the room sized first generation computers got the capability to fit into a quarter of a room size. Since there were no vacuum tubes, the heat generated by the computer was not that high as in first generation computers.

The machine language which was used in the first generation computers got replaced with the assembly programming language and other high level programming languages. The second generation computers used batch processing as the processing technique.