What is Proximity Sensor? - Explained

What is Proximity Sensor? - Explained

Infrared Proximity Sensor, Image by Wikipedia

1. What is Proximity Sensor?

Proximity sensor is a type of sensor which gives an output. Proximity sensor is built to measure and detect the near objects to the device's location wireless mechanism without getting connected physically with any near by objects.

2. Technology

To get an response back wireless mechanism, it needs send a send a signal either radio or either light and detect the distance from the sensor's location to the actual object's distance.

2.1 IR Proximity Sensors

In IR proximity sensors, the sensor uses Infrared to calculate the distance and the generate output accordingly. From a point at the initial level, IR bulb emits the IR wave and waiting the wave to bounce back when the wave got hit by an object near by.

Most of the time, in out smart phones there are IR proximity sensors which switch off and on the smart phone's display whenever the user makes a call or receiving an incoming call.

2.2 Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

Ultrasonic proximity sensors does exactly the same like IR proximity sensors. Unlike Infrared in IR proximity sensors, ultrasonic proximity sensors emits an ultrasonic wave and waiting to ultrasonic wave to return by hitting a object near by.

Ultrasonic sensor prompt the signal to the end application by there's a object near by or not.