What is an Operating System? - Explained

What is an Operating System? - Explained

1. What is Operating System?

Operating system or the term OS is commonly heard name in the world. Operating System is type of a software which used computers and computer like appliances. If you are using a smart phone, laptop, a tablet PC, it does have an operating system or an OS in it.

Operating System or the OS is the core software component which work connects the hardware which includes processor, input devices and output devices and software and acting as a required middle layer.

Operating System or the OS is type software which falls under the utility software category. Which means a software type which requires the to operate a hardware device.

Operating system is responsible for the taking the user commands to the hardware components where it's possible hardware components to understand and act accordingly to the commands requested by the user.

Computer processor itself isn't an intelligent component and the operating system perform the task of keep the process the given request according to the requirements that set by the user. Actually operating system keeps the processor to work efficiently with the limited hardware resources. 

2. Types of Operating Systems

There are multiple types of Operating Systems in the world that people uses. There are operating systems multiple types of devices that uses operating systems that we use daily in our life. 

Starting from the smart phone where it's an apple iPhone or an android phone do use an operating system to keep the user requirements fulfilled. 

First generation and second generation computers were only able to perform only task at a time and the reason was there were not operating system inside the computer but only a programming language to perform the calculations requested by the user. With the operating system the user's got the capability to run multiple tasks at the same time.

There are multiple operating system types as bellow and they are built to perform tasks specifically and that doesn't mean the operating system cannot perform other tasks that user requests. 

  • Single User Single Tasking Operating System
  • Multi User Operating System
  • Distributed Operating System
  • Templated Operating System
  • Embedded Operating System
  • Real-Time Operating System
  • Library Operating System