What is Mini SIM (Subscriber Identity Module)? - Explained

What is Mini SIM (Subscriber Identity Module)? - Explained

Image of a Mini SIM Card by Internet

Mini SIM is the enhanced and upgraded version of full size SIM card which was a size of a credit card. Mini SIMs carried the technology which is compressed into a small area of the SIM card which shown in the below table.

Mini SIM25.00 mm15.00 mm0.76 mm

Mini SIM introduced to the world in 1996 and the size of the mini SIM was 2FF also known as 2 form factor. Mini SIM developed by compacting the hardware which were built in a distributed card which is the size of a credit card to much smaller size and the copper plates on top of the Mini SIM card was the connectors to the mainboard of the cellular device.

Almost all the people considered Mini SIM as the standard SIM or the regular SIM in the industry. People got the opportunity to use the same Mini SIM card with the credit card size adapter in the older phones which is capable only to read Full Size SIM Cards and to use in the newest devices at the time which are only capable of reading mini SIM cards.