What is Iris Scanner? - Explained

What is Iris Scanner? - Explained

Iris Scanner in Military Field. Image by Wikipedia

What is Iris Scanner?

Iris Scanner is type of a bio-metric scanner which is capable of scanning the iris of a living beings. Iris Scanner helps to identify living beings by scanning the eye and the iris of the living being who does have an eye.

Iris scanners has helped in many military activities, security and many more fields to identify the right people. 

It's bit easy to copy the finger prints from a human being and present it to bypass a security protocol, but with Iris Scanners, since the iris scanners are scanning the iris which is inside of the human eye, it's hard to duplicate the iris of a person with the same accuracy.


Iris scanners works with digital camera and a IR camera inbuilt. The most accurate iris scanners does have laser calipered, IR and high resolution camera to capture the most unique data which are there in the Iris which includes blood vessels.

After capturing an image of the iris, the scanner generate a hash code which compiled with the data captured in the iris. The hash code will have all the necessary data with regards to the iris of a person and when the algorithm needs to make a match by searching the hash codes in the database.

Many personal devices and security equipment like safes does have iris scanner inbuilt to add more security to the device and to the appliances.