What is IoT (Internet of Things)? - Explained

What is IoT (Internet of Things)? - Explained

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IoT is one of another mostly commonly heard terms in the world. IoT stands for Internet of Things. With the technical advancements and global movements IoT is something serious that will drive the next generation appliances and devices. It will enable a large number of capabilities to the users and allow the capability to automate most of the tasks which are there that scheduled in the daily timeline of an average human.

You might have seen the Transformer Movies and their characteristics which are mostly closer examples for IOT, but we are way far from reaching there. Technically speaking there are lot of products which are there in the market which are capable of working as IoT devices.

What's Possible with IOT?

The industry standardizing organizations brought IPV6 to live to cater large number of devices. In other words the organizations who introduced IPV6 promised that 128-bits (2^128) range of devices can be connected by giving a unique address. Which means by using IPV6 it's possible to connect 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 addresses can be given to devices which are all around the world. And it's a huge number.

Internet of Things is all about connecting each and every device to the internet. By giving the internet connectivity to a device, can provide wide range of advantages to the user who is using the device.

It's possible to connect your home garbage bin and notify you when it's getting full or when it's getting starts to smell bad. By giving the internet connectivity to the garbage bin can help you to read the garbage bin's outputs directly via your mobile phone and create an action plan accordingly.

It's possible to connect your fish tank by using IOT concepts to check the water quality level, Oxygen level in the water and the water level and to feed the fish though you are spending a vacation far away from home.

Opening your garage's gate to switch on your home's Air Conditioner and playing your favorite music tracks while you are sitting and relaxing on your couch is possible with IOT.

What is IOT?

IOT or internet of things is a concept which showcase the possibility of connecting devices to a one core network. IOT is not a technology and it's not a product like WiFi or bluetooth. But anybody can use WiFi or bluetooth or Ethernet to build IOT devices. IOT is here to make the human lives easy and helpful for the humans.

If you forgot to feed the dog or cat, you can build or purchase a IOT based device which can serve your dog or cat with food though you are miles and miles away.

Who Can Build IOT?

Anybody can build anything IOT. Since IOT isn't a product like WiFi or Bluetooth, any human being can build a product and connect it to the internet where it can be controlled by using a simple application.

Building an IOT device can start from extremely simple and could go up to extreme complex projects depending on the features and the requirements which are their for the solution.

It's mandatory to have three major components to build an IOT solution. There needs be a control board or a single board computer or a development board like arduino or something to write your listed logic into. Then again you need to give mechanism to capture inputs by sensors and to provide outputs in exact required manner. Then at last the connectivity. 

There could be instances where the internet connectivity is mandatory to create outputs when the collected data from the sensors needs to taken to a high performance sever to analyze and resend the required outputs to the device to execute.

There are large number of people who builds simple solutions like door unlocking system via IOT and to Sun Light Tracking System for Solar panels on the roof. Building IOT Devices hasn't been any easy like today. It's not mandatory to have the knowledge like a computer scientist or an mechatronics engineer to build IOT based device. But a student also can develop a solution based on IOT.

Who is Controlling IOT?

IOT isn't controlled by anybody rather than the builder who built the IoT solution. If there are a set of automated actions pre-programmed by the develop and the designer who built the solution, it's possible for the IoT device to operate by their own without waiting for actions from the user or any person who is using the device.

If you want to build a solution where you needs to give the possibility to your cat to eat when he or she is hungry, it's possible to build an IoT device to identity the cat and when the cat press a large button which is there in the device and to release cat food into a bowl where cat can eat. With the time cat can get practice to the solution and the cat won't need to depend on the owner to eat when he or she is hungry.

Advantages of IOT

There are many advantages of IoT devices and the solutions which are based on IoT concepts.

- IoT Devices can help the house owners to save electricity. When a person who accidently switch on the Air Conditioner and go away from home, there's no way to identify whether the AC is on or off. It's worse when there's nobody at home to switch off the AC when the AC is on. By using the concepts of IoT anybody can check whether the AC is switch on and switch off the AC even when they are not around. 
- Safety features also can be implemented by using the IoT concepts. By using the arduino based or single board computers, it's possible to implement to door locks, smart locks and motion sensors and etc..

By the lowest possible cost and with the very basic knowledge about programming anybody can technically build any service based on IoT concept in the world.