What is Geomagnetic Sensor? - Explained

What is Geomagnetic Sensor? - Explained

Illustration of  how Geomagnetic Sensor works by Tizen.org

What is Geomagnetic Sensor?

Daily Basis there are multiple layers of magnetic frequencies we are exposed into. In general there is a one major magnetic wave that we all are bonded into. It's the earth's magnetic field.


Geomagnetic sensor is a type of a magnetometer which is used by research experts and inside the complex devices. Geomagnetic sensor captures the earth's magnetic field and tells the device which is embedded where the north is at and where the south is at.

Many geomagnetic sensors which are used now generate output of digital signals. Geomagnetic sensors are used in air planes, space crafts, helicopters, ships, smart phones, tablet PCs and many other devices.

Simply geomagnetic sensors are used as an compass to navigate and identify the geo-coordinates.