What is Finger Print Scanner? - Explained

What is Finger Print Scanner? - Explained
Fingerprint enabled ATM. Image by Internet and the copyrights goes to original creator.

What is Finger Print Scanner?

To identify individuals rather than using an identity card, RF card or a passport, it's easy to use finger prints to identify the human being, finger prints on fingers. Since finger prints are unique from each and every person, the replication issues also cannot take place when identifying the humans.


Just like the Iris Scanners, Finger Print Scanners generates a binary code or a hash code after scanning the finger prints according to a pre-defined algorithm. Finger print scanners are cheap compared with the iris scanners which are available in the market due to less components in the finger print scanners than iris scanners.

Finger prints are widely used in the government projects, military, offices, schools to authenticate people, employees with the lowest cost bio-metric scanners.