What is a Computer? - Explained

What is a Computer? - Explained

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What is a Computer?

The computer that we know is a laptop, server, desktop computer do have a long history which runs to decades. To become the computers that we have today, there were huge amount of researches and sacrifices from the engineers, scientists, programmers in the world. 

Humans invented computers to basic calculations and to keep records. With the time and after implementing the first computer generation computers, engineers and businesses kept researching about computers to make them more user friendly and cost efficient. 

Computers were not fast as now in early days. They were slow, large in size, costed more than a house, needed so much knowledge to operate. With the time and as a result of researching and investments into the development of products, Computers became what we used today on daily basis.

Computer Generations?

From the it's origin of the computers, we are using much efficient and low cost computers. There were multiple generations which does have records for technological advancements taken placed in the innovation of computation. Below graph showcase the generations of the computers.

YearGenerationReference Article
1946-19591st GenerationClick Here
1956-19652nd GenerationClick Here
1965-19713rd GenerationClick Here
1971-19804th GenerationClick Here
1980-Present5th GenerationClick Here

Types of Computers?

There are multiple types of computers which does exists in the world and manufactured by engineers. Each and every computer type is capable of performing a type of task at an optimal level because they are built and designed to achieve a certain task in specific.

  • Laptop Computer
  • Desktop Computer
  • Server Computer
  • Smart Phone
  • Single Board Computer
  • Data Mining Computers
  • Super Computers
  • Flight Control Computers

All mentioned list are types of computers that exists in the world. But unlike that we use daily there are many other computer types which are designed for specific tasks to achieve rather to listen music and watch films and etc...

Usage of Computers?

We use computers daily in almost any type of activities. We are more depending on computers to make things easy and efficient. Controlling the house hold appliances to playing your favorite music track to the controlling your car's engine needs a type of computer to perform a computational processing to the engine.

There are growing IoT devices in the world which does have computational processors and micro-controllers in them.

The usage of computers are in really a wide range today in anytime than in the history. We as humans do use computers to various things and to achieve various things. Since the simple calculator which was there in the generation one, the computer hardware got advanced and people perform tasks that never imagined by any person in the world before.

Solving hard mathematical equations to guided to missiles to the smart phone that we use daily in our hands uses computers.