What is Bluetooth 4.1 ? - Explained

What is Bluetooth 4.1 ? - Explained

Bluetooth version 4.1 is the version which released by the SIG after version 4.0 LE. Unlike the version 4.0, version 4.1 isn't a hardware upgrade or core specification change involved. Bluetooth version 4.1 was released on 4th of December 2013.


The version 4.1 is introduced to improve the quality of the user experience and to enhance the usability of the technology in general. When the networks getting faster with 4G and LTE, the data usage and the streaming usage by the bluetooth headsets and other stereo devices are getting higher. If the bluetooth wasn't capable enough to cater the requirements of the data transfer speed of the users, the technology won't survive for a long time.

Bluetooth v4.1 got embedded with mobile wireless service coexistence signaling and train nudging and generalized interlaced scanning. With multiple modes low duty cycle directed advertising introduced.

L2CAP connection oriented and dedicated channels with credit based flow control. Dual Mode and Topology and Low Energy Link Layer Topology implemented into the technology.

In the version 4.1, 802.11n PAL network is started to used. In addition the audio architecture updates for wide band speech also known as WBS implemented. Limited Discovery Time was set to enhance the energy efficiency of the device.