What is Bluetooth 4.2? - Explained

Bluetooth version 4.2 or the immidiate version after Bluetooth version 4.1 was released in 2nd of December 2014 by the SIG. Version 4.2 is majorly focused and built to cater the concepts of IoT also known as Internet of Things.


IoT or the Internet of Things devices are majorly used in DIY projects as well as enterprise solutions around the world. IoT devices are consuming low energy and the processing required for the IoT devices are low. Due that the processors or the micro controllers in the boards that used for IoT projects were having less computation power compared with other typical devices.

Because of the need to transfer low sized data packets and low duty cycles, Bluetooth v4.2 embedded with Low Energy Secure Connection with Data Packet Length Extension. Link Layer Privacy with extended scanner filter policies enabled in the v4.2.

Internet Protocol Support Profile also known as IPSP version 6 ready for bluetooth smart things to support connected home to be competitive with other wireless technologies like WiFi and to support IoT devices.