What is Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR? - Explained

What is Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR? - Explained

Bluetooth version 2.1 introduced in 26th of July 2007 by the bluetooth SIG. Bluetooth 2.1 is the immediate release which came after Bluetooth 2.0.


Bluetooth bersion 2.1 also uses the EDR or the enhanced data rate technology and the features of EDR.

The bluetooth 2.1 enabled the features beyond of transferring a simple file or a data and to stream constant updating streaming content. Because of the newest feature Bluetooth 2.1 marketing tagline was secure simple pairing.

Pairing technique was introduced to the bluetooth technology for the first time ever in the evolution Bluetooth. Whenever a user wants to send a file or a set of data by using the bluetooth, they wanted to enable to receive file option by the bluetooth settings. But with the SSP or secure simple pairing technique, users received the capability of transferring a dataset to a device which has been paired or connected to a pericular device earlier.

Bluetooth 2.1 was embedded with a feature of extended inquiry response also know as EIR. By using EIR, the energy usage the and the requests to get connects to devices can be filtered. And if the bluetooth enabled device is on the discovery enabled mode, it allows the other Bluetooth devices to sniff and try for passwords to get connected. This is causing lot of energy usage and security threats to the technology. EIR controls the sniffing and multiple requests coming to the bluetooth device.