What is Barometer? - Explained

What is Barometer? - Explained

Image of a Barometer.

1. What is Barometer?

Barometer is a type of a sensor which use to measure the atmospheric pressure of a place or a venue. Barometers can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. By depending on the requirement of the barometer type, there are multiple barometer types invented and used in the world.

The new types of barometers are invented to overcome certain problems that typical barometers does have.

2. Types of Barometers

There are multiple types of barometers has been invented by multiple inventors across the world. There are barometers which are based on Water, Mercury and other types of applications.

  • Water Based Barometers
  • Mercury Barometers
  • Vacuum pump oil barometer
  • Aneroid Barometers
  • MEMS barometers

3. Usage of Barometer

Barometers are used majorly in the early stage to capture meteorology and weather related surveys and analytics. With the time barometers were used in areo-planes, balloons, vehicles, rockets, computers, DIY projects, Mobile Phones, Tablet PCs and many more.

With the time the barometers got smaller and advanced than the previous types of barometers. And since the digitization of the barometers, the signals were more accurate since they were delivering digital signals rather the analog signals and reading by the traditional barometers.