What is Bad Customer Service? - Explained

What is Bad Customer Service? - Explained

Any business which focused on profits do have multiple channels to generate revenue by selling the product or the service. Whether the business sells the product or service by being in the Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Government (B2G) the business needs to have customers who are using the product or the service which has been manufactured or produced by the business.

After selling the product or service, or in the pipeline of delivering the product or service end customer is directly engaging the business in many ways. In each moment of customer getting engaged with the business means the customer expecting something back from the business rather than the product or service what the business is selling to the customer. 

At any single point when the business is not serving the customer in bad way or not in the way that business needs to serve the customer or consumer means that the bad customer service.

Stages of Bad Customer Service

If a customer comes to the store to choose a product according to the requirement, he or she expecting from the staff members of the business to tell more about the product or service what they can offer. In such case, if the business's staff member neglect the potential customer that is bad customer service at very initial stage.

There are many products and services which are available in the market where consumers can purchase which require assistance after purchasing the product or service. By such moments the business's staff members should be able to provide such necessary assistance to the customer rather neglecting the customer. If the business's staff member neglecting the customer without supporting the customer is also marked under bad customer service. 

Not every customer do have the capability of understanding like a professional who use the product or service. There could be many customers who needs lot of clarifications to understand a one way to use the product or service right way. And it's responsibility of the business's staff to explain the customer how to use the product or service step by step without being in a hurry. At a moment where the business's staff members failed to deliver such service to the customer means that they failed to deliver good customer service to the customer.

Consequences of Bad Customer Service

Though the product or the service is in superior level of the business, though the business do have really good capital, still the business could go bankrupt due to bad customer service.

Customer is the person who can bring cash into the business by purchasing a product or service what manufactured or produced by the business. If the business doesn't server the customer the way he or she needs to be served, the customer will not purchase a product or service by the business. Which means the business is losing a potential sale.

Customers do use channels to review a business or a product or service by the business. By using the channels like social media and other sources, customers can provide information to other consumers regarding the business's good and the bad feedback. If a potential customer is reading a bad review or a feedback by another customer can loose the business's sale which could generate a revenue to the business.