What is 3.75G or HSPA Plus (Evolved High Speed Packet Access)? - Explained

What is 3.75G or HSPA Plus (Evolved High Speed Packet Access)? - Explained

Image of a D-Link 3.75G dongle 

What is 3.75G?

3.75G or Cellular Generation 3.75 is much similar to 3.5G or the Cellular Generation 3.5 and 3.75G carries much similarities of the previous network itself.

3.75G stands for Evolved High Speed Packet Access or HSPA+ or HSPA (Plus). 3.75G was introduced by 3GPP in the release version 7. HSPA+ was a killer in the technology and data transmission.

By using the HSPA+ technology, the data communication gone to the remote areas where there are no ADSL or proper cable internet connectivity.


HSPA+ uses two technologies just like HSPA. Apart from Evolved HSDPA or HSDPA+, 3GPP introduced the Dual Carrier HSDPA or DC-HSDPA. Apart from the general need of voice transmission via the cellular network, the global demand to transmit data and large files via the wireless cellular networks has began.

Dual Carrier HSDPA or DC-HSDPA is capable of offering a burst download speed of 42.2Mbit/s.

By using the Dual Carrier HSUPA or DC-HSUPA 3GPP offered an solution to upload speed of 5.72Mbit/s.

Apart from the mobile phones,there were new set of devices got popular among the users to use internet and get connected to the internet wireless. The devices which are built to deliver data connectivity named as HSPA Plus Dongles.