What is 1G (First Generation) Telecommunication Networks? - Explained

Generation One Mobile Telephone

As humans we were not happy with the Zero Generation Mobile Radio Telephones and there were many disadvantages in the Zero Generation Mobile Radio Telephones or the Car Mobile Radio Telephones.

Due to many characteristics in the zero generation mobile radio telephones, people kept researching and building new products to make the mobile telecommunication technology more accessible. 

1. Why 1G (1st Generation) Telecommunication Networks?

To avoid most of the disadvantages which were there in the Zero Generation Mobile Radio telephones, First Generation telecommunication networks introduced. 

First Generation Telecommunication Networks were efficient compared to zero generation networks. The coverage area of the first generation telecommunication networks were greater than the zero generation networks.

Since the network efficiency was there were many components got smaller into the end device. 

2. Technology

First generation telecommunication networks used analog technology in transmission radio signals. 1G is only modulated to higher frequencies which means 150MHz and higher frequencies.

Since the technology in the first generation networks were analog and not digital there were few barriers in the industry which couldn't broke by the Generation one telecommunication networks.

3. Advantages

Due to the broadcasting tower or the base station's signal got amplified and efficient than earlier and last mile connectivity signals got amplified, the devices and the handsets got comparatively smaller for the end user.

Energy consumption is comparatively low compared with the zero generation radio mobile networks.

The size of the handset got to a size of a brick and the transmitter and the receiver and the batter got embedded into the phone itself.

4. Performance 

Performance of the first generation telecommunication networks didn't had great improvements compared with the zero generation radio telephone networks. But the energy consumption. 

5. Cost

Cost of the first generation came down a bit, but the cost of the calls and the bulkiness of the devices also came down a bit. But still the top wealthiest people could afford a 1st generation mobile telephone.