What is 0G or Mobile Radio Telephone? - Explained

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Communication is taking an important role in the day to day lives of ours. Before the technology got advanced, even in early age humans used communication mechanism to communicate with others and share data.

1. Why Zero Generation?

Though the telephone facility was available stationary, human wanted to make calls while they are on the move. To get connected while on the move, there was a demand from the general public for a wireless telephone.

Zero generation is also known as the pre-cellular technology telecommunication technology. 

2. Technology

Zero Generation or the mobile radio telephone used, radio signals to transmit calls to a particular phone which owned by the telecommunication service providing company itself. For a user to use the Mobile Radio Technology phone, they had to stick with the one person talk a time or Push to Talk concept which is manual.

There were four major components in the Mobile Radio Telephone or the Zero Generation telecommunication. Due to bulkiness of the device, mobile radio telephone was only able to carry inside a car because of that reason Mobile Radio Telephone was also known as Car Mobile Radio Telephone.

Car Mobile Radio Telephone, Image by Wikipedia

2.1. Transmitter & Receiver 

Transmitter is the component which connects the telephone to the near by base station or the telephone tower which transmit the calls by using the radio signals. Whenever the telephone inside the car receiving a call, it communicates directly with the base station or the transmission tower to get connects and transmit the voice and receive the voice.

2.2. Handset

Handset is a component used in the entire solution to make calls which means dial a phone number or to answer a call. When the user who is using zero generation mobile radio telephone, it connects to the near base station via transmitter.

2.3. Antenna

Antenna played an extreme important role in the zero generation mobile radio telephone. Whenever the Mobile Radio Telephone wants to get connects to a nearby base station or a to a tower, antenna helps the transmitter to the get connect the near by base station or the tower.

2.4. Battery

There were two types of batteries that were able to power up the mobile radio telephone. One type is the car battery could power up the mobile radio telephone, and the other option is a separate battery to power up the mobile radio telephone. 

By using the power which received from either the car's battery or the separate battery, transmitter and the receiver and the handset get the power to operate.

3. Cost

The cost of device was really expensive and only the wealthy business people could afford the mobile radio telephone back in the time. Though somebody interested of buying a mobile radio telephone, they had to buy a car before buying a mobile radio telephone.

The call which makes by the mobile radio telephone and a call which receive to the mobile radio telephone is rated at a higher price than the stationary telephone. Due to that reason there were very few wealthy people could afford the mobile radio telephone.