Bought a new gasoline powered vehicle near by? You got fooled by OPEC!

If you got a new gasoline powered vehicle you got fooled by OPEC

Image by 55Laney69 in Flickr under Creative Commons Category

Did you bought a vehicle which fully powered by gasoline for your daily road running within the last 5 years? If you did and the answer is yes, this article is for you and explain about how you got fooled by OPEC.

It's a fact that everybody knows some gasoline cars are comparatively bit cheaper than hybrid vehicles which are in the market or probably the same as the price of a hybrid vehicle. But considering the maintenance cost and other usability issues in hybrid vehicle or because you are comfortable with a gasoline powered vehicle, you might have bought a fully gasoline powered vehicle for your daily run. And the fuel prices were lower for the last five to four years. 

In around, all the above points could be your reason to go ahead and buy a car which fully powered by gasoline. One of the major point which you had on fuel is an ultimate failure point in your analytics. Fuel prices are getting higher and about to go higher even due to lower production rates in coming years. 

Fuel prices were cheap due to over supply in the market and OPEC needed to find a solution with regard to the cheap fuel prices in the market. Since the root cause was the over supply of the market, OPEC suggested and create an action plan to cut the supply to increase demand in a strategic circulation. There were lot of gasoline only vehicles sold through out the world by breaking the momentum where was to hybrid vehicles and vehicle manufactures records shows clearly.

Since there are more gasoline vehicles on roads which has been purchased by the consumers, there will be higher demand for gasoline and OPEC may get the estimated price up to a certain extended where they wanted that. Probably at 90 - 100 USD per barrel ratio in the international markets in next coming years. 

If you bought an fully gasoline powered vehicle because of lower fuel prices, you have been fooled by OPEC!!!