Why Electric Cars Are Not Cheap? - Explained

why electric cars are not cheap? - Explained

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Electric cars aren't cheap and that's a fact which everybody knows in the planet earth. Though there's no any gasoline type engine to perform and there are lot of parts which are missing which are there in a typical car, Electric cars are not cheap. If you really analyze what's inside an electric vehicle? You will understand what are the components and stuffs which are there inside.

At some point of early stage of electrified vehicles were cheaper than gasoline vehicles which were in the market. Early stage electric vehicles had lot of disadvantages when compared with the gasoline vehicles which were there in the market by the time. Since then there were no such interest towards the electric vehicles. The major disadvantage by the time was, fully electrified vehicles didn't had a long mileage and there were no or very less charging stations for the fully electrified vehicles.

There was a problem in the entire manufacturing process of electric cars. Manufacturing process and the product architecture process and the technology wasn't efficient enough to make a super cool fully electrified car.

Technology got advanced, motors were efficient than early stages, batteries got better with lot of researching and technological advancements. With all these on going operations there's something which didn't got cheap. The raw materials were not commonly available on earth which used in the making of batteries and motors. There are major number of raw materials what were used in the process of manufacturing the efficient motors and batteries which could power the best and power efficient electric cars.

With the early stage electrified vehicles, the demand for electric vehicle was loosing. At the moment demand for raw materials were increased and getting increased because of other technological advancements happening in the world. Due to the high demand which encounter with the raw materials which are rare earth to find, the prices are getting higher. Due to major raw materials are getting higher in price with the demand, the final product which needs to build by using the raw materials which does have a higher price will bring the end product a higher price tag.

The reason behind why electric cars aren't cheap is, because the higher and growing prices in the international markets for the raw materials. Due to higher price which impacts on the manufacturing process, electric vehicles aren't cheap to buy or not cheaper compared with gasoline powered vehicles.