What is Zero Emission? - Explained

What is Zero Emission? - Explained

Humans do tend to generate energy in different ways. There are renewable methods where humans do generate energy and there are non-renewable methods where humans do generate energy. Usage of non-renewable energy sources to generate energy could emit lot of gases which are harmful to living beings and to the global eco-system in the combustion process of the non-renewable energy source like diesel, coal, gasoline or petrol.

There are wide range of energy generating sources which are renewable energy sources and they don't emit any type of gases to the atmosphere because there's no combustion taking place during the generating the energy which are usable. In this mechanism since there's no combustion taking place and there's no gases emitted, generating energy from renewable energy sources are known as zero emission energy generating mechanism.

Zero Emission is a trend in the world and there are many countries including several countries in European Union trying to achieve targets to make the transportation system at least 60% zero emission by 2025.

The reason why world is more interested and working to achieve to go zero emission by a deadline is to combat the climate change which is happening right now and which could impact the entire world in extreme ways. 

Tesla's Model S, Model X, Model 3 are the best example for manufacturing real fully electric vehicles which are zero emission. To keep the fully electric vehicles truly zero emission, Tesla Inc deployed multiple solar charging stations across the unites states which generates electricity by using the solar panels. Afterward, Nissan leaf is the next best example for zero emission personal transportation vehicle which is affordable to most people.

Many organizations in the world are transforming the energy generating modes to renewable energy sources which are zero emission. There are many social and economical advantages that a person or an organization can be experienced by moving towards the zero emission renewable energy source.