What is Sustainability? - Explained

what is sustainability - explained

Each and every organization or each and every party who's oriented on developing a business which is focused on profits, and making the organization run for a long time is an example for sustainability.

Speaking practically, sustainability is maintaining the momentum of whatever which is that a particular organization or individual working on or putting some effort into to achieve a goal or a mission.

For an organization to become sustainable, it should be maintaining a set of action plan to be engage on the business that they do daily basis. If they fail to proceed the action plan straightly on daily basis, it means the organization failed to keep doing the same thing again and again which means not maintaining the momentum and it means that organization isn't sustainable. Sustainability is important for an organization to grow and achieve the envision of the organization.

Business organizations or any organization who's having vision to grow than previous year than this year means that particular organization should not make spikes on the books and doing zero businesses in the next year. Sustainability is all about making spikes after spikes by maintaining the momentum. Just like a live living being keep beating the heart. In addition you need to make a good amount of cash to sustain the business or the organization.