What is a Service Oriented Business? - Explained

What is a Service Oriented Business? - Explained

There are multiple businesses and business types in the world. Each and every business is different from one to another and there are some businesses which does have the similar characteristics of another business.

To Whom

There are many businesses sustaining by selling a service to a consumer, business or to government. Also knows as business to consumer, business to business and business to government

Among the two business major business types, service oriented businesses do have a wide range of potential to become sustainable in even the hard times. By the nature itself, the service oriented businesses are agile because there's less machines and equipment involved in a service oriented business.

Hospitals are a service oriented business generating revenue by providing health care service to the patients who are sick. Insurance is a service oriented business which provides insurance plans for the consumers who wants to insure life, car, pet and etc... Legal Companies are service oriented companies which focuses on providing legal services to their customers.

Above all the examples, service oriented businesses are having less products and can be agile all possible time compared to Product Oriented Business.

Demanded by Humans

Unlike many of the product oriented businesses, service oriented businesses are demanded by humans to their lives smarter and stable. Lot of humans depending on better health care facility by hospitals in their daily life styles. Legal assistance from a service oriented business such as legal company, Tax advice from a tax consulting company have become daily needs by humans.

Becoming a Service Oriented Company

It's simply the skill set is surrounded by a business becoming a service oriented business. By analyzing closely of most of the service oriented businesses, there should be one or more than people who is surrounded with the core service business. Most of the legal companies are formed by lawyers who do have LLB. Most of the hospitals are started by doctors who does have a medicine degree. Most of the Tax consulting companies has been started by the tax consultants who are by the profession itself. Most of the construction firms are started by the civil engineers.

If you don't the right skill set to start a service oriented business or if you don't a partner who does have the right skills set to start the service oriented business, that means there's a big chance of getting the business to bankrupt state by a very limited time period.