What is Risk? - Explained

What is Risk? Explained

Experiencing anything or engaging on any task or speaking a word, do have a risk. If you gone on an adventure, there's a chance where you could get hurt or meet with an accident. All above and each and every simple thing is consist of a risk.

Simply speaking risk is a cost of failure in a task. Some people and living things like taking risk and some of the people, living things and as well as organization don't like taking risk. Which means some like to try something by knowing it could get fail and there will be a cost of failure involved on what they are doing and others don't like take risk depending on many or some reasons.

Every action in the world involved with a risk factor, it's necessary to be professional and experienced to tackle the risk which is involved and manage the risk of a task which does have an potential to get fail.

Real Life Scenarios

1. If you wanted to climb a strong tree at home to get your cat down off the tree, there's a probability of you getting killed by falling from the tree. To avoid the risk of falling down, you can use safety equipment to be safe and get the job done the way you wanted.

Or else If you don't want to take the risk of falling from a tree, you could be call the Fire & Rescue department to get down your cat or ask somebody near by to get the cat on the ground by forwarding the risk to somebody else..