What is a Product Oriented Business? - Explained

Among the two business types which exists in the world, Product oriented business type takes a famous role among the business owners.

Product Oriented business means a business manufacturing something physical a human can touch or use. Most of the businesses in the world are oriented on products rather comparing with the service oriented businesses.

To whom

Product oriented businesses are majorly focused on consumers who needs something physical to be satisfied with. Many product oriented businesses are manufacturing products to another product oriented business to make a final product which is ready to use or plug and play by the consumers. At the same time there are product oriented businesses who are manufacturing products which can be used directly by the end consumer. 

In other words there are companies which are focused on product oriented business do have business model of Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Government (B2G).

Made to be a Demand

Not every product manufactured by a product oriented business is for a demand from a consumer or a consumer group. Many products which are their in the market is made by some product oriented businesses and placed in the market and promoted to be famous brands as possible where a human being couldn't be rejecting it. Coca-Cola is the very best example for a product which came from a product oriented business.

There are many products which are into the renewable energy sector by product oriented businesses like solar cells to generate electricity by sun light. With the growth of the demand for renewable and cheap energy, the product which invented by many businesses are manufactured in large scale and sales got sky rocketed with the last years.

Compared to service oriented business, product oriented business do manufacture goods which are necessary for living beings and as well as which makes lives easy.