What is Energy? - Explained

wind turbine energy

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What is Energy?

Energy is everything speaking simply. Energy is the power what's behind that we achieve daily basis. Energy is the capability to achieve something what we want or need. Energy do exists in multiple forms. Livings beings and nature do use energy in various to facilitate and do stuffs or to make a reaction to an action.

Examples for Energy?

To give examples towards the energy sources, thermal energy, kinetic energy, potential energy, electrical energy are few example for the energy types which exists in the world. Apart from the simple energy sources, there are multiple energy sources which are there in the world which does exists, but to produce usable energy source out of them it's a complex mechanism. Crude oil, Solar energy, Hydro Power Energy are the common example for complex energy sources which does exists in the world.

Usage of Energy?

Energy is used to achieve various tasks in many occasions. Using a computer, making a phone call which are most complex moments where the energy is used to simplest things like walking to the near by shop and paddling a bicycle to your favorite park in the town could be where humans use energy daily in their lifestyle. 

Classifications of Energy?

Energy Sources could be majorly classified into two different parts as, renewable energy sources and non-renewable energy sources. Basic concept behind classifying the energy source by two different forms are by renewable ability of the energy source. Whether the energy source is capable of delivering renewable and sustainable energy or whether the energy source is delivering non-renewable energy and un-sustainable energy.

Renewable energy sources

Due to the environmental impact and every other concern which are there in the world, There are many organizations and entities in the world who influence people to use renewable energy sources. Many countries in the European Union and other counties in different continents who influence people to use renewable energy by decreasing the tax rates upon the products which does have the capability to generate renewable energy. Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Sea Current Energy, Geo Thermal Energy are few example for renewable energy sources.

The most advancement happened by renewable energy sources is to the transportation system eco-systems in the world. Electrified vehicles which uses renewable energy sources apart from the public transportation has done a huge amount of contribution towards the zero emission. Nissan Leaf and all the Tesla models are changing the way of how people utilize energy wisely and by using renewable energy sources.  

Non-renewable energy sources

Non-renewable energy sources does a huge impact towards the climate change from minor to major scale by different scenarios and different spectrum values. Non-renewable energy sources are more or less easy to use and they are available in the form of ready to use. Due to the ready to use feature many human beings are used to non-renewable energy sources to make their life easier. Demand for the non-renewable energy sources are getting depreciating and potentially the demand towards non-renewable energy sources will become less. Fossil Fuel, Natural Gases, Coal are few examples for non-renewable energy sources.