What is Business to Consumer (B2C)? - Explained

What is Business to Consumer (B2C)? - Explained

How businesses makes money is by doing business. To businesses to make money needs to sell the products or services to somebody. Among the businesses there are three ways of businesses sell their products or services. 

Business to Consumer (B2C) is an extreme popular method and there's a reason for that. If businesses target businesses to sell their products or services which means a Business to Business (B2B) business model, there could be only X number of businesses where a business could sell their product or services. If a business target sales upon a government, which means Business to Government (B2G) business model there could be Y number of governments where the business could sell the products or services. It's for sure Y is less than X (Y<X) which means there could be less number of governments where a business could sell their products or services compared to another business which could sell the product or services.

Upon both the criteria, If a business targets a direct consumers as their sales target it could be Z number of consumers where a business could target to sell the products or services.

By analyzing really at a glance with the world population, there are more humans living on planet earth than the number of businesses in the planet earth and which is more less when it comes to number of governments. Consumer base is larger than the Businesses on earth and Businesses on earth are larger than the number of governments on the earth. (Z>Y>X) 

If a business focused on consumers which means humans, there is a bigger chance where the business could achieve a higher sales target.

Supply and Demand

Product or service oriented businesses which targets directly consumers as their the sales target, supplying to a existing demand or creating a demand to supply a product or service. 

Water is a mandatory need of humans. But not Coca Cola. There are many businesses in the world who supply drinking water to the end consumer because there's a demand. Coca Cola supply their product to the consumers after creating a demand from the consumer end.

Businesses are well tricky than any previous years of making consumer to buy a product that they manufacture.