What is Business Momentum? - Explained

What is Business Momentum? - Explained

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There's a unique way where every business needs to follow in order to survive in the market with the competition. Running a business doesn't means that achieving a large sale once and not focusing about sales again, just like it's not about making one spike in the graph and a flat line for the all the other times. Just a like a living being making a heart beat to survive, A business also needs to maintain a heart beat by making sales day after a day which is known as momentum to make the business sustainable.

If you are into physics and electrical engineering or computer science you might be heard the name momentum before. In business maintaining the momentum is really crucial. To maintain business momentum needs really good strategic planning from the management. 

Each and every business target directly customers which is known as Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B). To sell something to another party means the organization needs to have something in demand from the particular organization or the target public group, By identifying the demand businesses needs to make a supply to the market to match the supply and demand.

For an example, if there's an organization which sells apples and if there's no demand for apples in the market the selling organization will become bankrupt due to making no sales. Which means the management or the owner of the business doesn't understand the what's the real demand in the market and supplying a entire different product to the market without analyzing the demand from the public very well. This is an example for the a business who doesn't maintain the momentum will become failure.

If there's a business which understand the true demand in the market it will survive the business momentum by making regular sales. 

For an example, if there's a business which does sells milk to the end consumers, where there's a true demand from the consumers for milk. Due to the true demand from the end consumers, the business will make sales regularly and they will maintain the momentum of sales. Which means the business is sustainable enough to survive the business