What are the Advantages of Renewable Energy Sources? - Explained

What are the Advantages of Renewable Energy Sources? - Explained

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When there is an energy source, it could be any sort of energy source where can be used in multiple ways. But there are major advantages and disadvantages in energy sources what human beings use daily to achieve their day today activities. Most of the energy sources where humans do use daily aren't sustainable for the life cycle of planet earth and it's environmental factors due to various reasons.

Almost all the non-renewable energy sources do have huge range of disadvantages towards the planet earth and it's eco-system. Due to the disadvantages and harmful ripple effects by the non-renewable energy sources, people do tend to use renewable energy sources which are sustainable.

Zero Carbon Footprint

Major advantage of the renewable energy sources are, they do leave almost zero carbon footprint producing usable form of energy for human use. When analyzing wind energy, solar energy, geo-thermal energy and hydro energy, do have the best revenue model for the environment and to the people who are investing because these energy renewable energy sources doesn't produce any harmful gases which harms and greenhouse gases to the earth's atmosphere and the living beings.


Almost all the renewable energy sources are affordable and can be found at the lowest cost possible. That's because almost all the energy sources can be found or captured in the crust of the earth, ocean or the surface of the earth. Due to that the capturing and utilizing the renewable energy sources can be done at the lowest cost.

When manufacturing the necessary equipment to capture the renewable energy sources like solar energy, it's possible to find the raw materials which are necessary for the manufacturing process of the solar cells on the crust of the earth because solar cell's wafer is made majorly with silica which is a form of sand we know commonly.

In the international markets the retail cost for solar cell which generate 1 watt is somewhere around 0.75USD (in 2018) or less which is extremely cheap compared to other forms of non-renewable energy sources.

Easily Accessible

Renewable energy sources are easily accessible to generate human utilizable energy sources because the most of the commonly heard renewable energy sources can be found in the human accessible places like surface of the ocean and surface of the ground. Rather comparing with the non-renewable energy sources like crude oil, renewable energy sources are easy to access and the cost of transferring to usable energy forms for human use. 

Unlike crude oil which is a non-renewable energy source, wind energy is easily accessible on the surface of planet earth without making much hazel. Compared to almost all the non-renewable energy sources, all the renewable energy sources are easily accessible at the lowest cost.


Renewable energy sources are sustainable for human use and to the planet earth due to many positive factors towards the environment. Specially because renewable energy sources do not emit harmful gases to the atmosphere and doesn't or almost emit zero greenhouse gases by polluting the atmosphere where living beings breathe.

Unlike coal power energy sources, renewable energy sources do not require mining of coal by polluting the soil and the entire eco-system around the mining area at the same time the coal combustion area. Due to facts as such, renewable energy sources are sustainable and environmental friendly to use by the humans and sustainable for other living beings as well.