What are Renewable Energy Sources? - Explained

What are Renewable Energy Sources? - Explained

There are multiple range of energy sources in the world where people use daily to make their life easy. Apart from people there are many organizations who uses as their main revenue generation method by selling energy to the people who needs.

Renewable energy is the energy sources which are collected by renewable resources straightly by the nature and make the human needs full filled sustainable workflow. Renewable energy sources includes solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy and etc... Renewable energy do have really great advantages rather comparing with non-renewable energy sources which exists in the world and which are easy to capture with the lowest possible effort.

The main advantage of renewable energy source is the zero emission of harmful gases to the atmosphere where human beings and other living things breathe daily to stay alive. And the second best thing about the renewable energy sources is that it's freely available to harvest according to the human need and other living beings need such as wind energy, and solar energy.

Renewable energy sources leave zero or minimum carbon footprint towards the environment and as well as the planet earth rather comparing with non-renewal energy source such as diesel power plants, coal power plants and nuclear power plants

Rather than wind energy, solar energy, there are wide range of renewable energy sources which are available in the planet earth in different forms. Few of them are geo-thermal energy, sea current and many more.