How Cloud Your Car Go Bad Fuel Economy? - Explained

How Cloud Your Car Go Bad Fuel Economy? - Explained

If you have purchased a gasoline or hybrid of partially electrified vehicle, you might be concerning more about the gas mileage of the vehicle. Better gas mileage of the vehicle means the vehicle is more economical for the usage and better fuel efficiency means the vehicle leaves less carbon footprint. 

If your vehicle is a fully powered by gasoline, diesel or partially electrified, there are common points that you can evaluate when your vehicle goes on bad gas mileage.

Spark Plugs

Fully gasoline powered or partially gasoline powered vehicles needs a four stroke combustion cycle to provide the full successful clean combustion. 

bad spark plug
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There are times when the spark plug couldn't function properly. To make a spark by the tips of the spark plugs, spark plugs needs to have a high current which given to the spark plug by the distributor in the vehicle.

When there's a moment where the spark plug don't receive the right amount of current by the distributor, the spark plug will not be able to fire the gasoline which are in the combustion chamber as expected. By happening this for longer time means the spark plugs could not be generate the right amount of energy which needed by the vehicle, since the gasoline is already injected into the combustion chamber, part of gasoline or the entire gasoline proportion isn't getting burned and becoming a wastage.

Due to bad spark plugs which does have manufacture defects and built with low quality materials also not providing the right amount of energy which needed for the engine.

In all the cases engine doesn't receive the amount of power which required by the combustion ultimately leading to bad fuel economy of the vehicle.


To make a combustion in the combustion chamber of the engine, gasoline engines do have spark plug to ignite. To ignite the gasoline engine do to do a 4 stroke combustion, it required to have gasoline injected to the combustion chamber.

In diesel powered engines, unlike the gasoline powered engines it's required to 
Injectors do perform the task of injecting the diesel to a chamber where it's having highly compressed air. Due to the nature of the diesel which is a self combustible fuel type it ignite by alone.

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For both engines types to perform a task of combustion needs a fully functional injector to inject fuel into the combustion chamber. There are times where the injectors are getting blocked due to dust and some non-functionalities. In such cases the vehicle's fuel economy is getting bad like never before.

Engine Condition

Engine of a vehicle is the main energy generating component. Engine helps the fuel to combustive and generate energy which needed to roll the wheels, power up the Air Conditioner, Break Pump, Power Steering Pump and many component. 

Dusty and Bad Engine

How engine keep functioning is by burning gasoline or diesel in the combustion chamber. Pistons in the engine are going up and down by rotating the main shaft which powers the entire engine. Piston rings and the piston holes can be scratched and the gaskets of the engine couldn't be good by sometime when the vehicle is used by the user for long period.

When the engine's oil seals got hardened and solid, there is a chance where the engine could get into spark plugs tips and make the spark plugs to be work not accordingly. Which allows the engine not to function as expected and eventually and ultimately will give you a bad fuel efficiency.

Gear box or Transmission box

Gear or transmission box is working as a speed control and connection building module of to the wheels and engine shaft. There could be moments where the gear or transmission box couldn't work as planned accordingly by the manufacture. 

Transmission Gear box of a vehicle

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It could be for a reason where the clutch and pressure plates are not up to the correct standards and many more according to the manufacture's standards. If the gear box or the transmission box in your vehicle do not perform well it means eventually you will request more power to throttle the vehicle move forward by pushing the paddle of the vehicle.

Your engine could be in great condition but if unfortunately if the gear box or the transmission box of your vehicle isn't working well the energy generated inside the engine won't get transmitted to the wheel, And you will keep pushing the accelerate paddle of the vehicle imagining that the vehicle is not pushing forward and ultimately you will receive a bad gas mileage which is not economical.


In hybrid or partially electrified vehicles do have higher cylinder capacity engine compared to non hybrid or non partially electrified vehicles which are available in the market of the same model of the vehicle by the same manufacture.

electric car battery

The higher engine capacity is to pull the electric motor which is in the partially electrified or hybrid vehicle and charge the battery pack in the vehicle.

Each and every time when the vehicle breaks there's a considerable amount of energy will be goes to the battery and get stored there. Batteries do not perform well after some charging cycles in their life span. 

Hybrid or partially electrified vehicle's battery also could become the same after exceeding the recommended charging cycles. In such cases batteries could not hold the energy produced by the electric motor.

Though the hybrid or partially electrified vehicles are designed to have long gas mileage compared to other single fuel type vehicles, due to less functioning battery pack the vehicles do have bad gas mileages.

The engine is burning fuel little more than a typical vehicle model from the same manufacture, but since the energy generated by the electric motor isn't get stored inside the batteries and make it possible to reuse them back, the gas mileage is becoming low and non-economical for the owner of the vehicle.

Bad Fuel

No matter how good the engine is, no matter how good the transmission or gear box of the vehicle is, no matter how good the injectors and battery pack in the vehicle is, still bad fuel types and non-recommended octane fuel types could gives the driver a bad fuel economy and bad efficiency when rolling on roads.

bad fuel quality

Each and every vehicle do have recommended fuel type and fuel category to be used in the vehicle. And the vehicle is designed to be functioned under the recommended fuel types only. If the vehicle is designed to function by using Fuel type A and if the user pump Fuel Type B to the vehicle which does have different characteristics, the vehicle will not function properly and the engine couldn't handle the energy or generate the energy which needs to perform the right amount of energy.

In many countries the fuel station dealers mixing the original fuel type with some cheap chemicals to make more profit by selling them to the customers. Though the consumer's requesting the correct fuel type what the manufacture recommended for the vehicle, there's a risk of consumer gets a cheap and non-pure fuel type which gives bad gas mileage to the driver.   

Tire's Air Pressure

Vehicles are rolling on rubber, tires needs to maintain good amount of air pressure inside to minimize the drag created by the friction of the tires. If the vehicle's tires are not up to the right amount air pressure the engine needs to burn more fuel to keep the car rolling because the engine needs work opposite for the friction.

Low Tire Pressure

Due to not maintain the right air pressure inside the tires, vehicle's fuel economy could go bad.

Bad Driving Habits

Thought the vehicle is in great condition, the engine is in great condition, pumping the right quality fuel type and having the right tire pressure and if the driver is having bad driving habits, the fuel economy of the vehicle could become bad.

There are drivers who revs the engine even they stuck on traffic which makes the engine to burn more fuel than it should burn when in idle position. There are drivers who keeps accelerate the engine suddenly and breaks after couple of blocks away due to traffic which allows the engine to burn more fuel.

No matter how good the car perform, due to sudden energy generating and loosing the energy quicker makes the car to go on bad fuel economy.