Why Domain Name is Important? - Explained

Why Domain Name is Important

If you are a Business or If you trying to build a brand behind a person or yourself, domain name a crucial milestone of you. If you are an individual and you need to showcase your personal brand on a website or if you are business and you need to showcase your products and services in your website it means your domain name is important.

People and businesses purchase domain names for different reasons it may be to host a website or to host a email service, the of domain is important. There are brands which got built up on a signal Domain name and the brands and businesses which got bankrupt due to bad domain names. Either you are a business or a individual who trying to do something new or trying to bring something old to the market means you need be really careful about the domain name that you are choosing.

Scenario 1

If you own a business which sell fish locally in San Francisco, and you choose a domain to build a new website to sell fish online, then you will need to select a domain name. Choosing a domain name is something that you need to analyze with your business plan. If you don't care about the importance of a domain name and you need to choose a domain name by your name which is johnfish.com, or you can analyze your business plan and you do have a requirement to grow your business to entire USA and Canada or globally, you need to choose a domain name something like buyfreshfish.com where there are more keywords related to your business.

If you purchase the domain name johnfish.com, there's a big chance where you will not be able to get a single sale via your website and your effort will be a failure.

If you buy a domain name which goes as buyfreshfish.com where you have three major keywords related to your business and that means there's more potential for your business to get more impression and more potential customers. And you can later link to your 

Scenario 2

If you are an individual and if you need to host a email service in a custom domain for a personal brand that you are trying to build and when you are purchasing domain name, it's really important to chose a domain name which is relevant to your personal brand. If you are a professional speaker and a trainer and what people know about your is your name. You are famous for speaking and training people.

If you don't care about what a domain name could do for you and your personal brand you can simply purchase something like cooldragonspeaks.com or something.

If you care about domain name and what it could do to your website, you should definitely purchase a domain name like thebestspeaker.com or something which does have more keywords related to you and what you do.