What is Shopify? - Explained

What is Shopify Explained

Shopify Logo is Original and It's a property of Shopify

Shopify is a eCommerce platform where anybody can launch a eCommerce website and start selling products online with your own brand at monthly fee starting at 29 USD per month. Yep starting at 29USD per month Shopify allows you to setup your own online business or eCommerce website hazel free even without requiring much tech knowledge.

Starting from hosting to order management to payment handling can be done with the Shopify and the plugins which are available there. Shopify is used by wide range of sellers to build their online eCommerce brand and approach customers and to make sales.

Shopify handles most of the hard stuffs if you tried to launch your own eCommerce website for your store. Shopify handles hosting, domain mapping, layouts, product addition, building a customer portal, accept payments, and many more.