What is a Server? - Explained

What is a Server

Server is a computer which is built serve and make computational processing for programs or applications remotely or locally. Servers are more powerful and dedicated to a set of task where they choose to use and Servers are different from your laptop computer or desktop computer or USB stick that you have.

Servers are used in many places by companies and by individuals to get done set of tasks. Individuals are using the servers commonly to host a personal website, or to mine crypto currencies , to make a multiplayer game server and to many more. Corporate bodies from Small, Medium and Enterprise Businesses are using to Host Websites, Host QA Applications, Host Demo applications and for many more.

It's possible to host the server locally at your home or at your office which might be cost effective in some cases but the cheapest way to host a server is to rent it from a server provider because a server to become a server it needs set of primary requirements such as 24 by 7 power without interruption and good internet connection without interruption. But things gets different due to your true requirement which can find a more cost effective solution when owning a server.

If you are renting a server from a third party there are dedicated servers, virtual private servers, public cloud and private cloud solutions that you or your business can use. And each of above server types are different from each which you need to understand your true requirement and choose what's needed and what's cost effective for the solution.