What is eCommerce? - Explained

What is E-commerce

E-commerce stands for the term of electronic commerce which means the electronic way of how you sell the product or service of yours and how clients or customers get the service that you are offering or providing. Commercial Sales were there for a long period of time and there were people who did sales and marketing manually. With the aid of technology and with the advancements of technology the commercial sector got the opportunity to find a mechanism to sell products online via electronic media. 

For the businesses who did businesses offline locally by having a physical shop in a location got the opportunity to sell products globally and to showcase products globally to the potential customers by setting up a website or mobile application or web application or email campaign could help the sellers to sell the products via the concept of E-Commerce. 

E-commerce is a mostly used concept in the world starting from enterprise to small and medium businesses and the customers are used to buy a product using a technological media which suites the target business model mostly, effectively and cost efficiently.