What is Crypto Currency Mining? - Explained

What is Crypto Currency Mining

Crypto Currency, the famous two words of lot of people who in the world. It's possible for you to own Crypto Currency by many ways. You can Buy Crypto Currency, You can Steal Crypto Currency From Another, You can get a donation of Crypto Currency by someone to yourself. But we are getting into any of those with this article. This about how you can own Cryto currency by mining Crypto currency.

Unlike how central banks or federal reserve issue cash bills by printing them Crypto Currency issue money by mining and allowing the miners to own the currency which they are entitled. Mining Crypto Currency is solving a puzzle. A puzzle built with cryptography which is a technique to used to secure data and it needs an algorithm to calculate and solve the puzzle which is an mathematical equation to own what you earned by solving the math problems.

There's a competition among the Crypto Currency miners. Always one needs to be faster to solve the problem or transaction than others who are fighting to unlock the block of Crypto Currency. There are various ways where these transactions getting validated with the blockchain where it's almost impossible to hack and breach the mining process get Crypto Currencies that you haven't actually mined.

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