What are Keywords? - Explained

What are Keywords

Keywords are simply words but without any prepositions and without many adverbs such as is, the, there and etc... . Keywords are truly important blocks for many technological operations when using in the internet. 

It's important from the primary level itself, if you are searching for something over the internet or you are trying a build a business in online space because keywords are the driving force of the internet driven world and to get expose to search engines or to get best results from the search engines.

Scenario 1

If you are an individual who needs to find near by pizza restaurants by searching over the internet, you can type "What are the pizza restaurants near me" like you don't know what keywords are which is not the best way.

Either you can search for "pizza restaurants near me" like you are know what you are doing. Cutting off three words from what you need to search will definitely give you best results because search engines can search for less amounts words which are most relevant for your search.

Scenario 2

If you are a business that sells fish online in Manhattan, and you are planning on a website to sell fish online via the website. You should really focus on keywords which are related to your business.

If you don't care about keywords or if you don't know how to use keywords, you will ended up by using some random fancy keywords like your shop's name which is "Johnny Store". Except for you and your staff members probably many people doesn't have any clue what does it is a "Johnny Store". And your website will be useless with the time.

If you have good knowledge about keywords, you will be ended up using "Buy Fresh Fish in Manhattan". When you are going online for the first time people use keywords to find what they are looking for. If you use keywords which are related to your business, there's a good chance for you to be appear on search engine results.