Why People Use Facebook Still?

Why People Use Facebook Still

Facebook Logo is Original and it's a property of Facebook

Facebook is a social network platform and they say that their mission is to connect people which is true and beyond that level as well. From the very first start there were cases that brought to the public interest about how Facebook do handle the data of it's users and how privacy policies actually works in the middle of Facebook and private businesses or analytics. It's good to find why people still uses Facebook after Cambridge Analytica, Privacy Scandals and many more.

For Businesses

People uses Facebook for businesses and to generate impression on the business or to showcase the products or services that the business offers and interact with pre sales conversations with the potential customers.

Public Profiles

There are many individuals who use Facebook as a medium to gain attention for their profiles and to bring forward their idea or the vision to the general public and gain publicity or to build a community around.


There are wide range of entrepreneurs in Facebook and using Facebook for different reasons. Some of them are using Facebook to promote their startup or services. Some of the social entrepreneurs are using it to build a community around a cause or to build a active action plan for a cause. There are a set of Entrepreneurs who build a Facebook page and a good community around the page and sell it to an another person or business for a good amount of cash which valued at the reach level and likes for that Facebook Page.

Normal Humans

The normal humans use Facebook to get update about their friends and to message with them or to update their current mood or current status where they are. Or to share a photo of the food that they are eating right now and so many. Some of them are using it to pass some time and get addicted to it and some people uses it to get to know other new people.


The developers are using Facebook to build apps in Facebook and to earn some good amount of cash out it by introducing great games or other types of apps in Facebook where the users of Facebook can use it and play it.

So though there are some amount of concerns about privacy and some amount of time management concerns are up, still people uses Facebook for different reasons and on different intentions to use Facebook.