What is an Investment? - Explained

What is an Investment


Investment can be defined in many ways in different categories in the real world. To make a definition at the primary state an Investment is an action for a future return. The future could be a seconds later your action or it could be days or months or years from the action maker that the action maker expecting return.

- If you buy a pair of winter shoes by a online for a sale at a 20% discount when it's 6 months to the winter and you are planing to use it with when it's winter where the winter shoe prices are higher that's a simple investment you made.

- If you believe in Karma and you do good for somebody else for an example buy a meal for a homeless person that is an investment when you are expecting in return good for something because you believe in Karma.

- If you start growing some green leave vegetable at your home by expecting to harvest in three weeks of time for a home made dinner meal that's an investment because you don't want to buy from the local store or wall mart next time when you shop.

- When you buy gold worth of 2,000USD and waiting for three months to get the value of gold you own rise to 2,400USD, that means an investment.

- If you are owning a small cafe in the town and when you treat your staff members good by a smile or giving them a good training and by being nice to the staff, then the staff members will start forwarding that affection and caring and love to your customers which eventually up lift your business yield and growth long and short term.

- If you start investing on a pension plan when you are 23 years old with a 50USD monthly savings and when you got to the age of 45 you are having 13,200USD monetary valuation and if you invest that amount with a good stocks or business venture you could have a good amount of cash with you when you are getting retired and that's also an investment.