Ukrain to Buy Lockheed Martin's Javelin

US Marines Training with Javelin Launcher.
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Ukraine tried to order Lockheed martin's Javelin anti tank missiles after Russia's activities in Ukraine and suburbs of Ukraine boarder. And Obama administration didn't wanted to be the seller who supplies US weapons to the Ukraine due to the background and under tunnel connections to the black market weapon sales. And the Donald Trump Administration wanted to make those sales and clear Lockheed Martin selling Javelin type weapons to Ukraine. And Obama administration didn't wanted only Ukraine to get these weapons but there was a entire list in the back including India in 2012.

As a result of that interest, United States of America department clear the sale of Javelin Anti Tank Missiles by Lockheed Martin. This estimated deal could worth $47 million USD for Lockheed Martin.

Specialty in Javelin is it can be operated by using the shoulder. And it's portable. It's having easy reloading capability as well.

Lockheed Martin developed these Javelin missiles to US Marines and according to the inside data Lockheed martin was manufacturing the missiles already even before the US government cleared the deal. With the new clear Lockheed Martin will be able to sell Javelin Anti Tank missile to many countries including India and others.

Source - Defensenews