Types Of Services Commercial Banks Provides

Types of Services Commercial Banks offer

There are various products and services that a bank offers to general public as well as for the corporate and government sector in the world. There are a set of services and products that a commercial bank can offer to the clients and that will be regulated by the central bank of the particular country where the bank is in.

Below there are major types of Services Commercial Bank Offers to customers.

- Money Lending
- Credit Cards
- Saving Account
- Chequeing Account
- Debit Cards
- Leasing
- Inter Bank Transfers
- Letter of Credit
- Wire Transfers
- Slip Transactions
- Housing Loans
- Personal Loans
- Corporate Loans
- SME Loans
- Student Loans
- Custodian Service for Capital Markets
- Pawning Loans

By above Services and products bank seek a commission or a service fee or the both from a client who's getting the service of the bank. Above ways have helped individuals and businesses to keep running the businesses and activities that they engage smoothly and faster by forwarding the task to a service provider like bank.