Toyota Supra Returns - GR Supra

Toyota Supra GR

Toyota Supra GR. Image Courtesy - Toyota 

Toyota's popular high performance vehicle which was discontinued due to financial crisis and in early days, Toyota Supra is returning to the market. Supra was the most iconic vehicle that Toyota built in early days with the high performance features and specifications.

Toyota has designed a concept of new Supra and named it as Supra GR which will be a high performance car which is ready to burn rubber on road and tracks. GR Supra is a two door sport car with front engine and rear wheel drive with light weight vehicle.

After the financial crisis and the energy crisis and sky rocketing fuel prices, global car makers didn't wanted to manufacture a high performance car for a tight market segmentation. Most of the car makers limited and stopped manufacturing high performance vehicles. That's the way how Supra got ended manufacturing.

Source - Toyota