Sony's way to Use Recycled Plastic in Manufacturing

Sony SORPLAS Pellets

Sony SORPLAS Pellets. Image Courtesy - Sony

Sony, the Japanese Tech giant who implemented the sustainability and renewable concepts, shows how they are using recycled plastic in manufacturing worlds best electronic products. Sony introduces the SORPLAS concept, which is to bring sustainability and performance to the products and conserving environment as much possible. 

Recycled Plastic with SORPLAS vs Typical Recycled Plastic Compound materials. 
Image Courtesy - Sony  

With the Sony's sulfer-based flame retardant allows them to use 99 percent recycled materials in plastics and to make them SORPLAS Pellets with color and transparent formats. There are multiple grades and density levels in the final product which does have unique capabilities compared to other plastics. SORPLAS recycled plastics are light in weight, strong and fire retardant which are used in Sony Bravia XE80 49 Inch TV. 

Another compound in SORPLAS is having the characteristics of Toughness, oil resistant and versatile which used in Sony alpha 99 and HX400v. Durability and elegant is a by product which comes with the advanced unique processing way of SORPLAS. 

Sony SORPLAS Recycle Process

Sony SORPLAS Recycle Process. Image Courtesy - Sony

By using the SORPLAS concepts Sony was able to reduce the 78 percent of Manufacturing emissions compared to typical plastic manufacturing process. With the process of making sustainable manufacturing Sony's recycle process uses CDs, DVDs, to Water Bottles and many range of plastic which are recyclable by SORPLAS recycling concepts. Longer term development of recycle pipeline and enhancing sustainability is a key unique feature that Sony introduced and implemented.

Source - Sony