Seamless Air Alliance - Airbus to provide In Flight Mobile Connectivity with Giants

Seamless Air Alliance by Airbus Sprint Airtel Delta and One Web

Seamless Air Alliance by Airbus Sprint Airtel Delta and One Web. 
Image Courtesy - Airbus 

After announcing the open invitations to provide in flight connectivity to passengers that can enhance the productivity in flight without wasting the time over no connectivity. Airbus, Delta, OneWeb, Sprint and Airtel announced the formation of Seamless Air Alliance to initiate of providing in flight connectivity to passengers.

When the flight takes off the ground and even before preparing to takeoff the passengers are not allowed to use their mobile phones because the signals may disturb Airplane's communication channels and might cause an emergency. And when the flight takes off and reach to an altitude of 35,000 feet, there are absolutely zero ground cellular tower can reach the plane. So this solution that Airbus and other members trying to provide isn't something simple. 

The solution is driven by a satellite connectivity. And there will be huge technical advancements and connectivity components to be installed after optimization. Users will be eligible to get high speed internet service in flight by connecting simplest way.

Seamless Air Ailliance isn't the very first to introduce this service. There are couple of other private jet airliners offer the service for their passengers which they pay a higher rate for their seat than usual commercial airliner.

Source - Airbus