Samsung Says 5G Users will Consume 100GB per Month

Samsung President for Networks Business Youngky Kim. Image Courtesy - Samsung

With goal of exceed the market share by 20 percent, Samsung S9 got hit massively in public newsrooms. Next big thing for many cellular manufactures is to get move with 5G network with one of the highest performing moderms and Qualcomm chipsets. 

Samsung States that average user consumed around 10GB of data via 4G network and with 5G network it will become 100GB of average usage of a person. The data consuming points as per Samsung are 4K and 8K UHD video Streaming, Virtual Reality, Holograms and autonomous vehicles data transactions.

With prompting adoption with 5G in countries like United States, South Korea, Japan will enable the users to be privileged to use 5G network to use high bandwidth networks and high data communication.

Source - Samsung