Samsung Introduce AI Driven Apps to Enhance User Experience

With the launch of Galaxy S9, there were many apps that are AI driven. Samsung's in house incubation program known as Creative Lab showcased a products in SXSW festival. Creative Lab introduced multiple products which are offering unique and personalized experience to change how people interact with social world with the aid of Artificial Intelligence.


TOONSQUARE is an app based on AI Which transform the messaging emoji like things to be more personalized with the concept of Text-toToon (TTT) and give the option to the users to express a personalized story to the social structure.

Where AI Used?
As per Samsung Publications, Toonsquare uses AI to analyze the text input from the user and analyze it to find that whether it's a text or a expression like emoji. Toonsquare uses AI algorithms to measure and render the expressions accordingly. In addition there's a lot features that Toonsquare does with the aid of AI such as removing the glass of the cartoon expressions and making hair curly and more.


Aurora is an application comes with Samsung smartphones which can generate and project a hologram of a intelligent assistant which capable of recognizing gestures and commands from the user and respond to the problem.

Where AI Used?

Throughout the app Aurora uses open source AI engine to figure what the user is asking for and providing quality response to the requirement which taking input from the voice and gesture commands. Aurora uses AI to provide address the emotions of the user and respond with the gestures that address emotions via the hologram projections.


Samsung introduces Gadget which is a real time ad auction platform that makes it easy for advertisers to insert their content native objects rather prompting intrusive pop-ups in personalized manner.

Where AI Used?

GADGET uses big data concepts with AI to analyzes information of the user, such as age, gender and interest for the different products and many.

Source - Samsung