Samsung Gear S2 Getting More User Friendly Features and New User Interface

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2. Image Courtesy - Samsung

Samsung's Gear S2 which is a wearable launched for the first time in 2015 keep getting more user friendly and helpful features. Gear S2 is a durable wearable device which built by Samsung and many people have bought it compared to Moto 360. But upon that above Samsung kept updating the software platform of it and working to deliver a really good after sale service for the customers.

New Widget User Interface

There are some cool addition to the interface from Samsung which is clear and well organized with a menu button in the middle where you can tap anytime you want when you in home. To obtain the maximum out of the physical display, Samsung enhanced the user experience addition of shortcuts to the interface. In the below image at the left side, you can view the app shortcut widget and in the middle and right side quick panel will appear when you slide from middle of the screen. With the new widgets the user will be able to shift between stuffs sooner and faster and also start using gestures to move in-between.

Samsung Gear S2 new shortcut widget

Samsung Gear S2 new shortcut widget. Image Courtesy - Samsung

Health and Activity Widget

With Samsung Gear S2, it's now possible to move across and access health widget and to see the activities like how many steps have you walked and what's the type of activity was it and inactive hours and many more. as shown in the below screenshot of Samsung Gear S2. In the left screenshot it shows the new widget interface of Samsung Health widget and in the middle screenshot shows the workout widget for multi activities and the in the right screenshot it shows the inactive widget for activities for a period of time by the user who wear the watch.

Samsung Gear S2 new Activity widget

Samsung Gear S2 new Activity widget. Image Courtesy - Samsung

Control VR or PowerPoint

It's possible to control the PowerPoint presentation that you are making to a crowd or at a business meeting or else you can control the Samsung Gear VR by using the new widgets that came with the latest software updates. Left side screenshot shows how it's possible to have the VR controller from Gear S2 and the Right side screenshot shows how the interface is look like to control PowerPoint.

Samsung Gear S2 new VR control and PowePoint Control Widget.

Samsung Gear S2 new VR control and PowePoint Control Widget. Image Courtesy - Samsung

Weather Widget

It's possible to swipe between and check with weather updates by using Samsung Gear S2's latest update. The humidity and UV percentage of the light and a detailed view of the weather outlook of the location that you want to check and get updated.

Samsung Gear S2 Weather widget and detailed weather view

Samsung Gear S2 Weather widget and detailed weather view. Image Courtesy - Samsung

Source - Samsung