Porsche Mission E - Porsche Putting Huge Effort on Electric Vehicles

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E. Image Courtesy - Porsche 

Developing it from the concept level by understanding the demand which need of electrified vehicles. Porsche is putting massive amount of effort to compete with other electrified manufactures in the global. For Porsche, getting into electrified vehicle market means being efficient and compete with the top level of premium electrified vehicle manufactures. Directly speaking Porsche is to compete with TESLA.

Porsche kept their promises on petrol vehicles and making them to world's top performing cars and then Porsche got into the plug-in hybrid market with Cayenne and Panamera and next is fully electric for Porsche after they decide to move to the fully electric cars on December 2015 by estimating that 25 percent of automobiles will be fully electric by 2025.

Porsche knows that selling a premium vehicle at a premium price by stating that the vehicle is C02 emission free. And Porsche needs to keep the business in a good level by providing performance electric drive vehicles which are intelligent on drivers performance. Because According to Porsche, people who buy a Porsche doesn't willing to get the thrilling that they are getting by sitting and relaxing on a AI driven car.

Porsche Mission E will have 100 liters of luggage compartment, with a four door sport saloon category. Porsche wants to Mission E to charge under 20minutes for a range of 400kilometers with the 800v power architecture.

Source - Porsche