GoPro Now Offering Auto Cloud Backup

GoPro Auto Cloud Backup

GoPro Plus Auto Cloud Backup Feature. Image Courtesy - GoPro  

GoPro offers Auto Cloud Backup for GoPro Plus with the latest release of Android and IOS applications of GoPro. GoPro offers the Auto Cloud as a subscription packages which are using cloud based technology which ensures your photos and videos where you can access. 

Subscription starts at 4.99USD per a month which comes with a protection policy as well. With the protection policy if you break your phone it will be replaced with a new device of the same model and the subscription package includes unlimited photo uploads and 35 hours of video upload to the cloud. 

GoPro Plus can be connect with your GoPro Hero 5 or GoPro Hero 6 and simply they will be uploaded to the cloud by using the mobile device of your. This automation solution will be a great movement to the GoPro users who loves to go with adventures.

Source - GoPro