Facebook's Strategy Behind Supporting and Reporting Copyright Scandals

Facebook Strategy Behind Reporting Copyright Scandals

Facebook Logo Copyrights Goes to Facebook

Content Creator takes lot of time and value addition to something they publish or create by themselves. And violation of copyrights are much common in Facebook rather than more popular social media platforms like YouTube and there's a reason behind it. Unlike other platforms like YouTube, Facebook's Copyrights violation reporting process is hidden and it's hard to find by a couple of clicks.

There are many reasons for this appearance and there are many strategies behind the action call for what Facebook is doing so.

Chain behind Copyright Violation

There's a chain behind Copyright Violations in Facebook and other platforms. There are original Content Creators and there are people who's authorized to create content and publish them and there are people who doesn't give a damn second thought to copy the content and republish.

Copyright violation chains

If you can view the above image, we at Kisaki try to emphasis the main three chains of Facebook and there could be chains which runs up to "n" number of layers in the active real life. 

The first layer is the original contents that created and developed by the creators of the content who are authorized legally to distribute or republish the contents.

The Second layer is where it's starts and there are authorized content publishers or the publishers who are authorized to republish or modify the content which is a small amount when compared with the violated copyrights publishers.

The Third layer shows the authorized content publishers who are authorized to modify, change or republish the content by themself and the remain usual copyright violators.

These chains could run up to a range of "n" numbers and the original content gets circulated through out the media in differently or as same as the original.

Psychology behind the Strategy

If we analyze closer the majority of content providers of the Facebook is provided by the pages and personal accounts which held under humans. Most of the real users who own a Facebook account and Facebook Pages that owned by businesses or individuals produces original contents or authorized contents with high quality which does have really good interest in the public and create new trends in Facebook and global scale.

From that Original content there are multiple people who uses the content from Facebook or outside the Facebook to create contents without using proper authorization and copyrights. This means something serious for the content creators even outside the Facebook to maintain better and quality publishing.

There are People comes to Facebook for different reasons. By analyzing the reasons behind the psychology factors, it means there's a chain or trend that motivates the users of Facebook to what they are doing. As an example if there's a person in your team at office and a person who is getting more likes and comments and views for the Instagram post or in a social network and the others including you eventually build a motivation to become one of a person who is like that person or to adopt such skills or personalities to yourself because it's driven by a chemical reaction named Dopamine. 

In other ways if there's a person who creates original contents and publish them in a Facebook Page and when that person keep doing that for a long period of time to get more interaction from a community that means which can motivate others to provide such contents as memes, videos and quotes and etc... There are two types of people in the world and those are the people who do it by themself and others are who's copying what others does. But at the end of the day that means the community that both parties approaching will be the same. And there could be little bit downside and upside. 

If we analyze human beings, they want to in a community that's similar to their ideas. As an example,

  • There are people who likes Durian (a fruit) and the people who don't like Durian (a fruit). 
  • There could be people who like Donald Trump and the people who don't like Donald Trump. 
  • There could be people who like to drive performance vehicle and there could be people who doesn't like to drive performance vehicles. 

And the people who loves and comfortable to be with the group of the people which does have similar interest means that they will be stick to an one set of groups in mostly. But there could be people may be a 5 percent of the community that likes to get updated from both sides.

And next thing is the Facebook Pages and the people who violate copyrights and people who don't violate copyrights do have an strategy that could tackle this unique psychological factor. And the people will stay engaged with the Facebook Pages which publish hilarious contents, News Contents, Quotes and etc... The engagement that people or the Facebook users do make could be a Share, Like or a comment. This means your comment will be seen by somebody else and there's a chance that somebody will react to it. Which is exactly what Facebook does need from you because that's the growth factor for them to grow daily and maximize the revenue percentage of the platform. 

Reporting Violations

If we compared Facebook's and YouTube's copyrights claims and violation reporting, This will be something really serious that Facebook haven't given more publicity. If we click on photo of Facebook and we click on the button named "options" and we will be able to see a Report link. When you click on the report link there's no such place to report the copyrights violations in Facebook as you can see in the bellow image.

Facebook Reporting

But actually there's a place on Facebook you actually can report a content which is violating copyrights. You will have to go and dive into a deep to find the place where you can search for form where you can report copyrights violations.

As a concern Facebook majorly focus on user privacy and un-authorized user accounts and and spamming and similar activities as such. And it's hard to say that the organization missed this moment and forgot to address this issue. Bellow growth hacking strategy shows how actually Facebook does this intentionally to keep the Facebook where it's today. 

Growth Hacking Behind the Strategy

Facebook do know that the content that created by the original creators are getting circulated without proper copyright authorization and there are billion hits and engagement happened on Facebook due to that. If Facebook start chasing back the violations there could be more than 20 percent of Facebook actions will go down and the number of hits will get reduces and go down eventually because there will be a large number of people and pages who will get their accounts banned on Facebook due to the violations that they are making in terms of the agreement.

If Facebook tries to break the above chain of copyright violations it will become a huge threat to Facebook's growth. 

Being Sustainable

Facebook needs a sustainable plan to get down copyright violation pages and individual profiles from the network itself to grow sustainable. Because the content creators are getting frustrated when the actual content which owns by the original producers gets circulated by different ways in Facebook. There will be less content creators who will be in the network when the copyright violation is a huge issue for their growth.