What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics logo

Google Analytics is a comprehensive free tool by google to track and trace your traffic to a specific URL, Web Site, Blog or to App which previously owned by Urchin Software Corp. You will be able to locate who is coming from where and that's the device that user is using to login or view your website and many more can be viewed from Google Analytics.

If you are a blogger - You can always trace the target audiences and write them more specifically and validate whether the region is responding to your contents.

If you are Business - Maybe you have launched a new advertising campaign and Google Analytics is the best way to find out how many people reached your website and what they are targeting as a service specifically or to check whether the advertising campaign went well. 

If you are an e-commerce - You can always check that can be upgraded in the store and where the sessions are breaking up may be due to bad user interface or bad user experience.

It's important for you to know about Google Analytics and how to use them because it's absolutely for free unlike other platforms.